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In 2015, three friends came together, each on their own personal journey towards health and well-being. Each had experienced their own detours and bumps along the road, but one powerful thing connected them together: juice.

Jim, Eugene and Don had all been positively impacted by incorporating cold-pressed juice and juice cleansing into their lives. And they wanted to share what they had discovered. Because they believed that the real secret to a healthy and happy life shouldn't be a secret at all. Moreover they are frustrated by the lack of pure, organic products on grocery store shelves and decided to create their own juices. Hence, all 3 Monkeys Juice products are carefully designed by our very own research and development team. They created 3 Monkeys Juice with one goal in mind; to bring delicious, premium, and nutritious juice to people of all ages. Instead of a trend, they try to make it into a lifestyle.

After 6 months of the first store in Jalan Siam, Penang, they managed to franchise their first outlet in Gurney Plaza, Penang. It was their first kiosk in a shopping mall until November 2016, they managed to franchise another kiosk in Queensway Mall, Penang. Meanwhile, 3 Monkeys Juice engaged with Orient Fitness Gold and Pantai Hospital(Kraft Cafe) to have their juices sold in both of these healthy outlets. They have also participated in supplying for major brand’s event such as Uber, Loreal, GrabCar, Adventist Hospital and others. 3 Monkeys juice is also a long term supplier for Muntri Mews Hotel and 7 Terraces Hotel under the GTH group for their breakfast and event beverages.

Their main vision is to provide this healthy lifestyle to people all around Malaysia by 2020 along with the growth of their business. They did it by doing things that many health and wellness companies often forget:

Make it taste great. Make it simple.
Make it unique. Make it for everyone.