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Don’t let misinformation get between you and the incredible mind-body benefits of a juice cleanse. “I WILL BE HUNGRY.” The fact is, juices provide the benefit of eating whole fruits and vegetables, which everyone knows are good for you. If you’re substituting juices for a meal or two and you’re worried about feeling too hungry, adding some protein to your meal plan will help you feel fuller longer. The fact is, taking a brief break from your normal diet can give you the gift of mindfulness: focusing your attention on what you eat and how much. “I WILL BE A...

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Don’t underestimate this unassuming veggie. Find out why you need more of this inflammation-fighting green… WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: While celery is certainly a great low-calorie snack food. Research has shown that celery reduces inflammation, strengthens the integrity of the stomach lining, decreases the risk of stomach ulcers and improves overall digestive health. WHY YOU SHOULD TRY IT: Celery’s benefits not only come from its hydrating composition, but also from its rich antioxidant content. With high levels of antioxidants such as vitamin C, beta-carotene and flavones, celery has been shown to decrease the risk of damage to body fats, thereby...

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DO YOU STRUGGLE with acne, breakouts, rashes or eczema that show up for no apparent reason? Do you deal with food and/or seasonal allergies? What about menstrual irregularities? If any of these issues, plus bloating, or feeling overly-emotional? Sadly, most of us experience at least a couple of these uncomfortable symptoms on a regular basis. What most of us don’t realize is that these renegade reactions are actually messages from our bodies alerting us that something is out of balance! Every now and then we need to apply extra efforts to help regenerate and revive our liver. There are supplements of all kinds to help promote liver health,...

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This brightly hued, cleansing superfood is a staple in our diets. Find out why you should be turning up the beet… WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Beets are a part of the chenopod family, This food family contains unique nutrients that are seldom found in other fruits and vegetables. Rich in betalain pigments, carotenoids and other phytonutrients, beets may help protect against heart disease, birth defects, certain cancers and even anemia. They’re also filled to the brim with antioxidants, which have been shown to keep your eyes and your nerves in tip-top shape. HOW CAN BEETS BENEFIT YOU: PREVENTS HEART ATTACK...

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5 Nutrients You Need for Healthy Skin and Hair

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Glowing skin and healthy hair start from the inside out. Coming up empty on both? Then your diet may be missing some vital daily vitamins. Here, find out which ones are essential for your complexion and your strands. Vitamin C  - CITRUS 1.0, CITRUS 2.0, FRUITS 1.0, MELLOW 1.0, DARK WATER           Found in: Citrus fruits, yellow bell peppers, papaya, kale, strawberries Vitamin C helps fight UV damage and brighten the complexion. It’s critical for the production of collagen and the maintenance of healthy blood vessels in the skin. Vitamin E - ALMOND 1.0, GREEN 2.0,...

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